Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sculpture Garden, Yal Ku Lagoon

Yal Ku Sculpture16Yal Ku Sculpture15Yal Ku Sculpture14Yal Ku Sculpture18Yal Ku Sculpture17Yal Ku Sculpture13
Yal Ku Sculpture12Yal Ku Sculpture11Yal Ku Sculpture9Yal Ku Sculpture8Yal Ku Sculpture4Yal Ku Sculpture7
Yal Ku Sculpture6Yal Ku Sculpture5Yal Ku Sculpture3Yal Ku Sculpture2Yal Ku Sculpture1Yal Ku Sculpture22
Yal Ku Sculpture21Yal Ku Sculpture20Yal Ku Sculpture19Yal Ku Lagoon

Near Akumal, QR, MEXico. A shady haunting grove full of (unattributed) sculpture on the way to a serene lagoon for snorkeling.

Isla Mujeres Art: Ixchel Temple

Isla Templo ArteDawn of Ixchel's Five MusesDawn of Ixchel's Five MusesEl Amanecer de las cinco musas de la divina Ixchel.Isla Templo5Sea spume= Isla Templo Arte
El TamborileroIsla Templo Arte5Caracol de viento: the Snail of the WindCaracol de vientoIsla Templo ArteIsla Templo Arte
Isla Templo Art: AmanecerIsla Templo Art: AmanecerIsla Mujeres Temple of IXCHEL, 'Lady Rainbow'.Goddess IXCHEL: "Lady rainbow"; god's mother; wife of Itzamna the creator; madam of the sea; goddess of the moon, patroness of weaving, guardian of childhood and the art of medicine.  Phesbow"' god's mother, wife of Itzaminu the creator;

Lady Rainbow: god's mother, wife of Itzamna the creator, madam of the sea, goddess of the moon, patroness of weaving, guardian of birth and medicine. Art exhibit with Cancun sometimes visible in the background.

The Cemetery, Islas Mujeres

Vecino Vigilant, you betGringo RulesIguana  beauty 2013Best Bristly Iguana  2013 020Mexico Sayulita 2013 024Mexico Sayulita 2013 023
Mexico Sayulita 2013 021Mexico Sayulita 2013 020Mexico Sayulita 2013 019Mexico Sayulita 2013 018Mexico Sayulita 2013 017Mexico Sayulita 2013 016
Mexico Sayulita 2013 006Mexico Plants Flowers 2013 012Mexico Plants Flowers 2013 002Mexico Plants Flowers 2013Snowy Egret and Tri HeronMexico Chicken Family
Mexico Chickens closeupMexico ChickensTricolored Heron Reddish EgretSurf, Egret, Heron3Surf Tricolored HeronSurf Reddish Egret2

Love and Life lavished in honor of the departed.