Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Cemetery, Islas Mujeres

Vecino Vigilant, you betGringo RulesIguana  beauty 2013Best Bristly Iguana  2013 020Mexico Sayulita 2013 024Mexico Sayulita 2013 023
Mexico Sayulita 2013 021Mexico Sayulita 2013 020Mexico Sayulita 2013 019Mexico Sayulita 2013 018Mexico Sayulita 2013 017Mexico Sayulita 2013 016
Mexico Sayulita 2013 006Mexico Plants Flowers 2013 012Mexico Plants Flowers 2013 002Mexico Plants Flowers 2013Snowy Egret and Tri HeronMexico Chicken Family
Mexico Chickens closeupMexico ChickensTricolored Heron Reddish EgretSurf, Egret, Heron3Surf Tricolored HeronSurf Reddish Egret2

Love and Life lavished in honor of the departed.

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